mortarboardVaz Preparatory School was founded on September 10, 1951 and is now poised to celebrate its 68th anniversary in September, having enjoyed a variety of successes over these years.  The school, which caters to children ages 6-12 years, has been served by a most dedicated cadre of academic, administrative and ancillary staff whom have all contributed to its growth and development. Vaz Prep has sought to maintain a focus on excellence in all our fields of endeavour. Good discipline, a high academic standard, emphasis on Christian principles and participation in a variety of sports constitute some of the facets of our school life which have made Vaz the outstanding institution it is today.

In the academic year 2008 -2009, our school was awarded the scholarship for the top male GSAT student – Jabari Hastings, the Jamaica National Government Scholarship – Alexis Allen and the Sagicor Life Government Scholarship – Jenine Shepherd.


Last school year 2018/2019, our PEP results were quite commendable for the inaugural sitting. We received 1 Government scholarship - Xavier Henry and a Jamaica National scholarship - Ari East. We continue ot shine brightly in Region 1 as annually the school’s average is way above the National average.

The school also boasts a Creative Centre for Learning Strategies which was created five years ago to meet the needs of children presenting with learning disorders.

Other achievements include:

JCDC medals in

  • Music: 1 bronze, 3 silver, 2 National gold

  • Dance: 9 National Gold medals and 1 silver

  • Ballet: 57% received distinctions in the RAD exams.

  • Best Class, 1 Popular Dance, Most Outstanding Modern Contemporary